EFE Event Management System

Collect, Correlate, Automate and Control your events from a single node.


With Efe Event Management (EFEM), you can easily collect all of your events on a single screen. With its flexible structure, streaming and viewing events on EFEM is a convenience that anyone can do without difficulty.


Thanks to EFEM's intelligent structure you will not be overwhelmed by messages, if an event was created before, it will not be created again and again so you will be sure that every event you see on the screen is important and there is only one.


EFEM automatically recalls the incoming events. You will then be visually alerted from the color code of the incoming event. You can create as many windows on EFEM as you like, so you can watch incoming events individually in each window.

EFEM User Manual

You can download user manual from here.

EFEM Installation Manual

You can download user manual from here.


You can download EFEM live demo and community edition below.

Download & Connect to EFEM demo server.
Download Community Edition & Use EFEM in your environment.

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